Monday, 7 March 2011

Day-Dreaming: Music {cortina} & Place {italy: cinque terre}

I am listening to a piece of music (Cortina, by Henry Mancini) - purely by accident. I discover that I already know the tune, and that this particular, wonderful, tune makes me day-dream. I close my eyes and I am in Italy...

Walking the street of such a beautiful place...
... listening to my own music inside my head
... a stranger among strangers
free as a bird...

Images from: Decorology

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fragments of Inspiration: Home {ideas: a beautiful apartment in Berlin ~**~}

More pictures from the beautiful apartment in Berlin: white dominates, and the secret of its beauty lies in the colourful details.

Images from: Decor8

Fragments of Inspiration: Happiness under the *sun*

Three things cannot be long hidden: 
the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Image from: Decor8

Fragments of Inspiration: Home {ideas: a beautiful apartment in Berlin~*~}

An absolutely beautiful apartment - I love the colours, and how the light comes into the rooms and lights them up.

Images from: Decor8

Fragments of Inspiration: Music {stray}

... there's a flower that grows in a cave
so lovely to see but need not be saved
its beautiful blossom will wither and die
if ever this flower leave the darkness for daylight...

...there is something about some days of your life
something different - a different sense, a bitter-sweet taste
feeling a bit melancholic - diving into memories
thinking about your past
having butterflies in your stomach
organising your present
trying to make the best out of your every day
dreaming about the future
hoping that nothing will be taken away from you
ever again...

Fragments of Inspiration: Home {small space(s)/big idea(s)}

The pictures below demonstrate what one can do in a confined space. Creating a beautiful home is not about square meters - it is about being creative and loving the space that surrounds you.

Images from: Decor8

Any Given *Sunday*

Sunday - the last day of the week. Another week of my life is about to begin, in a few hours. The joyful week-end break is nearing its end, and another week of work, of duties and responsibilities that need to be arranged is approaching. Sunday can have many different meanings, and can be part of different concepts: it can be very relaxed, almost lazy, or quite active. For some people, Sunday is quite a boring day - for me, it is slightly melancholic, in a sweet and adorable way.

I love drinking my morning coffee, while watching a favourite series or an interesting film on tv, sitting next to Richard. I love us having walks in the park, or up and down Northcote Road in Clapham. I love cooking food for my loved ones. I love having a cup of coffee or tea in the evening, while reading my book.

There are so many beautiful things one can do on a Sunday - any given Sunday, or any given day for that matter. The secret for a beautiful life lies in our hearts and in the eyes of our loved ones.

Image from: Decor8