Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fragments of Inspiration: Realisations {from summer to autumn}

The end of summer - the beginning of autumn. I love autumn. It's one of my favourite seasons [the other one is spring], although i must admit i love all four seasons passionately.
I loved this year's summer - it was different from all the others. It didn't feature long holidays in Greece [not even short ones], i didn't get to swim in the sea, i didn't do much of what you would call summery stuff.
But, i had a wonderful time changing my life and sharing it with people who mean a lot to me. I worked a lot, i moved to a new, beautiful house, in a lovely area, with a lovely flatmate, i got nice gifts from people i love, i got to offer gifts to people i love, i spent a few beautiful days with a wonderful person, and i came closer to realising what really matters in life, in my life at least. I changed my daily routine - actually i am still undergoing this change - and i got to do the things i really like and feel comfortable with. I am changing for the better, and i feel wonderful about it!
[image taken from: Olivia Palermo]