Thursday, 28 October 2010

London Sky / London Moon

Monday morning... I woke up in a most wonderful way... I was smiling. 

I got ready and went to Hendon, to attend a seminar at Middlesex University. The seminar was about immigration and integration policies in the UK. It was very interesting. I liked the university's central building - its glass roof top let the sun come in, and that created a warm and happy atmosphere. The sky was blue, cloudless, beautiful. Every now and then, I found myself looking outside the windows.

The seminar ended late in the afternoon, and I walked back to the tube station. I sat on the train - a cup of hot chocolate in my one hand, Agatha Christie's 'The Body in the Library' in the other. I read my book, and found myself reaching my stop with a smile. I got off at Holborn, as I wanted to deliver something - a letter. Giving it to its recipient made me happy - I was smiling, again. I walked all the way to Temple, in search for a copy of a legal publication. I love walking around that area. Moving on from Temple, I walked by the river. The night was beautiful, albeit quite cold. I was amazed by the view from Waterloo Bridge. I was searching for the moon. Suddenly, I saw it and I felt my heart skipping a beat. Golden, bright, enchanting. I felt I had everything at that moment. I felt truly happy and fulfilled. 

I found my way to a warm cuddle and my feelings of happiness and fulfillment got even stronger...