Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fragments of Inspiration: Music {nightbook}

Every human being is a collection of selves.
Life is the combination of good luck, and bad luck.
And every life is both ordinary, and extraordinary.

*Any Human Heart*

Monday, 4 July 2011

Fragments of Inspiration: Music {crepuscolo sul mare}

I was listening to this piece of music, yesterday, on the train, on my way back home.

I spent my evening in London, in one of my favourite places ever. Certainly a very memorable place. A place I love going back to, every now and then. I had missed it. I had missed Southbank Centre. I had missed the Thames. And I was there... walking around... taking photographs with my Minolta, trying to imagine how my photographs will look when they are developed. I listened to words of poetry and I looked outside the windows - I could see my heart being somewhere out there, in the streets of London, somewhere among the tall, beautiful, buildings. I could feel my thoughts flying in the sky, like birds. I was free. For a moment, I was completely, absolutely, free - to be whatever I wanted, whoever I wanted. A poet... leading a charming, intellectual, life. Travelling Britain, and the world.

I was there - in Southbank Centre. Music in my ears, and the taste of elderflower. People around me, and my book in my hands. Thoughts in my mind, and ideas in my heart. What if the same thing were to happen again? Going back, two years ago. But no - beautiful things do not repeat themselves. Not in the same way, not when or how we want them too. It may seem that life repeats itself every now and then, but... no... it does not. Everything is different, because we are different. Every day that passes, we become a little bit different.

I would not know what I want now... I can find out later... without even thinking about it, without even trying...